Sunday, May 10, 2009

Latest of Mary Katherine

Posing with Ronald McDonald

Diaper change on the trip out west!

Mary Katherine is hypnotized by the frog!

Helllllllllooooooooo Kramer!

Yes this is her foot in her mouth

FINALLY an Update

OK OK~ I'm sorry to be so behind in updating!!! I had every intention to post a 4 month update but the time has gotten away from me! (I do have the valid excuse~ "I was moving across the country" <> )

Mary Katherine is now 4.5months and getting so big! The scale here @ home says 14lbs! (She has her 4 month check up tomorrow so we should know for sure then , it's just a few weeks delayed due to the "move")
The girls loves to chew/eat her hands/fingers/thumb. She loves to put your hand and fingers in her mouth or try to suck on your arm. She found her feet in the last week and half and now loves to suck on those. Any time she is laying down her legs come up to her hands! Mary Katherine is preparing for her career in the circus as "gumby baby" and her show stopping act is getting her foot into her mouth and babbling all in a matter of seconds!
Mary Katherine is a chatty girl. But only when the mood strikes her! She can be babbling on and as soon as a grandmother is called or skyped so they can hear she stops!
She is still loving bathtime! Lays there and kicks and splashes! She can't sit up by herself yet but as soon as she can that bathtub is going to be her favorite place I'm sure.
Mary Katherine still loves standing up but she now no longer stands still. She is a squimer. Her head is constantly twirling around checking everything out!
Actual big update: For those of you that don't know~we moved out to Colorado for our first duty assignmet.
Mary Katherine did GREAT with the 3 day trip out here. First day she slept ALOT, second day is slept alittle less, and then the third day she slept for like 2 hours out of 9!
She has adjusted just fine (not that she really knows we are now living on the other side of the country)! She does miss the attention she received while living @ Grammy and Grampy's. Since I have been unpacking boxes and organizing the house and household duties she can go for a good 30 minutes (in the am) of playing in her jumper seat and then she wants attention. Now in the afternoon it's only about 10minutes that she last until she is crying for some attention and as soon as I am in sight and acknowledge her, she is all smiles!
Ok I will post more updates more often and post pics as well!
She has definitely adjusted to having her Daddy back! It's like he wasn't even gone! She loves the attention and the fun she has with him. He makes her laugh and smile all the time!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pictures of Kentucky and TN

These are pics from Mary Katherine's first visit to the GreatGrandmothers and my extended family.

Cousin Chris (or as he likes to be called~Uncle Chris)

Mommy, Meme, and Mary Katherine

Cousin Mary Grace and Mary Katherine

Grammy, Mawgone, Mommy, and Mary Katherine (yes the old lady "dyed" her blondish brown hair RED!)

Meme (greatGrandmother) and Mary Katherine

Cousins Caroline and Jack with Mary Katherine

GAunt Diane taking care of Mary Katherine

GUncle Alex playing with Mary Katherine

Cousin Katie cuddling with Mary Katherine

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 months

Mary Katherine celebrated her 3 month birthday last week. We celebrated by taking a trip to Kentucky and Tennesse to visit her maternal great-grandmothers and great aunts and uncles and 2nd cousins ( or as we call them aunts and uncles!).
Mary Katherine did a great job traveling in the van. She slept 90% of the time we were driving during the trip! We did not have our nighttime carseat meltdown except for once and "uncle Christopher" took care of her! ( nighttime carseat meltdown= screaming fit that does not stop until the car is stopped and she is taken out of her carseat)
Mary Katherine met my paternal and maternal grandmothers, Mawgone and Meme. And of course they just loved her! She got some new outfits from the Wal-Mart (Mawgone works there!)and she got to spend some quality time with Meme saying some prayers and talking to the cats.
Mary Katherine took her first bath in the actual bathtub at GAunt Diane and GUncle Alex's (to get the funk from Meme's off her). She LOVED it! She just laid there kicking her legs, moving her arms, and splashing the water around. She is going to be a water baby and she can't wait until this summer when she can go swimming in the pool!
She also hung out in the hot tub for a little bit and of course she ended up pooping in her diaper when she was in there! That'll teach her GUncle Alex and Uncle Chris and Aunt Katie!
Mary Katherine found her voice this past weekend! Her GAunt Judy was talking to her and she just started squealing and screaming in delight and we can't get her to stop now. At the Cracker Barrell (we HAD to stop for lunch on the way home) she was making friends with all the older folk by squealing and screaming!

She did a wonderful job traveling to visit everyone, I just hope she does that well when it's time to drive out to Colorado for the move!

I will post pics of the visit!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The latest on Mary Katherine

I can tell you there have been quite a few changes with Mary Katherine over the last few weeks, but I couldn't pinpoint them!

Mary Katherine's a happy little girl!
She loves standing up. We hold her so that she can stand and she looks like a little bobble head doll!
When she's awake she loves to be checking things out around her. She likes us to hold her so that she faces outward so she doesn't miss a thing!
She loves her bathtime! She has a grand time kicking her legs and flaying her arms around and splashing the water. She cries after she gets out (might be because she's cold, but I like to think it's because she loves bathtime so much!)
She's a morning girl and will just laugh and smile once she's been fed!

I went back to work today (only 4 hours but turned into 5 hours) and my mom watched Mary Katherine! They went on a walk to walk the dog and then ran errands! Mary Katherine was great for her grammy even during the fiasco and looking the keys in the car!!!

Over and Out!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Updated Pics

Hanging out with her animals in her crib

Lounging on her changing table

All bundled up and ready to go!

Family Pic @ Baptism (of course the kid is crying!)

Daddy and Mary Katherine @ her Baptism

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 months old

Happy 2 month Birthday!

Dan came home this past weekend (4 days) and was able to see for the first time Mary Katherine smile and laugh at him! She was loving her Daddy and he was making her laugh the whole weekend! He also heard her infant cry and was surprised that it's no longer a newborn cry! Dan and Mary Katherine also spent quality time cuddling, napping, and playing on her activity mat.
He was disappointed that he missed a bowel blowout! He has yet to see a breastmilk poop that comes about every 48-72hours. He's only heard of my tales! Like the time (about 2 weeks ago) when the blowout was so large I sat there for a few minutes figuring out what step to take next and then realized that she had to go into the bath and that the clothes should go to the trash! And then when pulling her clothes off, she gets poop in her hair and on her face!

Mary Katherine was baptised into the Catholic Church this past weekend. My brother, Ben, is her godfather but he's in Army Ranger school in GA and couldn't make it but if we didn't have it this past weekend Dan would not have been there and we would not have been able to do it at our church that we were married in. It was a nice ceremony, despite the priest being a bit unorganized.

2 month pediatrican check up~ little Mary Katherine is not so little anymore! She's a whopping 10lbs 9 oz and 23 inches long.

Mary Katherine's personality is coming out more and more each day! She's quite the morning girl, all smiles and laughs, awake and talking. Fussy in the evenings and has a hard time going to sleep. And when she is awake her blue eyes are just as friendly as they can be! She doesn't care who is holding her as long as someone is holding her (or she is in her car seat!).

That's all the excitment here!