Sunday, December 7, 2008

Delivery Date, Weight, and Names

Ok so Dan can't figure out how to put a "poll" up here so we are asking people to leave their "votes" as a comment!

If you want to take a guess as to when little Mrytle will enter this world, how much she will weigh, and name possiblities~ go for it!!!


stacy said...

oh go have some sex and get the baby out...geesh. =) if you have her tomorrow she'll weigh 7.2 thats my guess...if you delivery dec.20 she'll weigh 7.7 there's my guesses. let me know how i do

Anonymous said...

Delivery Date = Dec 22
Weight = 7lbs 4 Oz
Name = Emma,Ava,Karyn (haha had to throw that in), Madison or Tabitha


Nancy B said...

Do we get a framed picture of Myrtle if we guess correctly? Cause that's what I want if I win!

date--Dec 27

Love Aunt Nan

Anonymous said...

Madison was one of my guesses!

December 18th
Charlotte or Savannah or perhaps Delilah :-p


Anonymous said...

OH COME ON STACY! Dec. 20! It's her first baby. I am going with Dec. 30th. (Sorry Megan.) I think you should name her Meredith....and this is Meredith Caudle btw!. Good luck! Wish I was still there to see her. Oh and I think she will weigh 8.9 and she will have 10 and 10 apgars.