Friday, January 30, 2009

6 weeks

Mary Katherine and mommy are still thriving! We've got our routine of eating, taking a walk (weather permitting), playing on our activity mat, and hanging out in the rocker/bouncy seat! Not too much to do with the frigid weather except eat, sleep, and stare at each other!
Her favorite place to sleep is on the couch in the crack between the cushions with her pacifier glued to her lips. We've been working on "visual stimulation" (cause you can't just leave a baby in a bouncy seat all the time) on her activity mat. She only last about 10 minutes and then she's out like a light! We try tummy time as well~she hates it! You know she feels like a turtle on her back when she is on her tummy.

A few developmental milestones in the last 2 weeks! Mary Katherine is holding her head up now and she has a smile/laugh combo. Mom and I believe it's an intentional smile/laugh but it's not always done after it's been elicited but of course its the cutest, most adorable thing you ever did see!
She's got some serious baby acne going on but she is still the most beautiful thing in the universe!

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