Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 months

Mary Katherine celebrated her 3 month birthday last week. We celebrated by taking a trip to Kentucky and Tennesse to visit her maternal great-grandmothers and great aunts and uncles and 2nd cousins ( or as we call them aunts and uncles!).
Mary Katherine did a great job traveling in the van. She slept 90% of the time we were driving during the trip! We did not have our nighttime carseat meltdown except for once and "uncle Christopher" took care of her! ( nighttime carseat meltdown= screaming fit that does not stop until the car is stopped and she is taken out of her carseat)
Mary Katherine met my paternal and maternal grandmothers, Mawgone and Meme. And of course they just loved her! She got some new outfits from the Wal-Mart (Mawgone works there!)and she got to spend some quality time with Meme saying some prayers and talking to the cats.
Mary Katherine took her first bath in the actual bathtub at GAunt Diane and GUncle Alex's (to get the funk from Meme's off her). She LOVED it! She just laid there kicking her legs, moving her arms, and splashing the water around. She is going to be a water baby and she can't wait until this summer when she can go swimming in the pool!
She also hung out in the hot tub for a little bit and of course she ended up pooping in her diaper when she was in there! That'll teach her GUncle Alex and Uncle Chris and Aunt Katie!
Mary Katherine found her voice this past weekend! Her GAunt Judy was talking to her and she just started squealing and screaming in delight and we can't get her to stop now. At the Cracker Barrell (we HAD to stop for lunch on the way home) she was making friends with all the older folk by squealing and screaming!

She did a wonderful job traveling to visit everyone, I just hope she does that well when it's time to drive out to Colorado for the move!

I will post pics of the visit!!

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