Friday, January 9, 2009

3 weeks old

Today is our 3 week birthday! Not much has changed since the 2 week post!
We are working on the routine, she is staying awake more often, gassy and fussy, pooping, peeing, and eating up a storm!

Mary Katherine went on her first "walk" this past week. She was bundled in the car seat/stroller, slept,and sucked on her pacifer the whole way while Mom and Grammy were freezing!
Mary Katherine loves the car seat so she gets to run lots of errands with me. We went to our first "play group" this week (breastfeeding group @ my hospital) and had dinner with her Auntie's Karyn, Gretchen, and Jen!

Mary Katherine is looking forward to her Dad coming home on her 4 week birthday so she can cuddle with him!

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